Leadership and entrepreneurship training was given to Beles Agame PLC management team members and experts of Adigrat Zonal and Tigray Regional Micro and Small Enterprise Agency from 21 to 25 December 2015 at Agoro Lodge in Adigrat. The training was supported by UNIDO project. Special thanks must be forwarded to Yoseph Delelegn, a PhD Research Fellow at BOKU Vienna University and a team member of the project, for his initiative and concerted efforts to arrange this training, while he recognized ahead that the owners and management team members of Beles Agame PLC as well as experts of public offices, supporting entrepreneurship development in Adigrat and Tigray Region, are deficit in leading and managing entrepreneurship. Furthermore, Yoseph Delelegn assessed and selected well experienced trainer of leadership and management in entrepreneurship and communicated him day and night to provide the intended training as planned. Indeed, the UNIDO project team members accepted also the importance of the intended training and stood on the side of Yoseph Delelegn and facilitated the training excellently.


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